Download Bitmain Antminer L7 Firmware

Download Bitmain Antminer L7 newest upgrade firmware and flash firmware.

Antminer L7 Upgrade Firmware Latest Version

Size: 17.44 MB

Version: 2023-01-30


1. This firmware supports sleep mode and low power mode.

Please make sure the miner type and firmware type are the same before upgrading the miner firmware.

Antminer L7 Upgrade Firmware Old Versions

Size: 17.44 MB

Version: 2022-11-30

This firmware supports APW121417b and APW121417a power types.

Please make sure the miner type and firmware type are the same before upgrading the miner firmware.

Antminer L7 Flash Firmware

L7 flash card firmware package.

Size: 27 MB

Version: 2022-01-24

Bitmain Antminer L7 Flash Card Tutorial

Custom Antminer L7 Firmware

It’s important to note that firmware installation can be risky and may void your warranty, so it’s recommended to follow the instructions carefully and only use trusted firmware sources.

Hiveon Firmware for Antminer L7

The HiveOS team has just released their long-awaited aftermarket firmware for the Antminer L7, offering improved stability and enhanced features for your mining setup.

  • Factory restore the Antminer L7 with the following SD card firmware (unzip to SD card): 
  • Update your firmware through the web interface with the following image:

Installation Guide: How to Install Hiveon Antminer L7 Firmware

Antminer L7 Online Upgrade Firmware Tutorial

I. Preparing tools

1. Computer (Windows system), miner (or control board), and router are examples of hardware.

2. Software: Download the most recent firmware above. And download IP Reporter.

II. Log in to the miners

1. Connect the computer to the router, the miner or control board to the router as well (the router enables the DHCP service), and the computer and the miner are in the same network segment (the DHCP service is enabled by default for typical home routers, and the default network port and WIFI are in the same network segment). , generally do not need to be set.).

2. Open the IP Reporter software on the computer, and click the “Start” button.

3. Once the miner has successfully reported the IP to the network, the indicator light will flash red and green five times. Press the IP Report button on the miner or control board to initiate this process.

4. The IP and MAC of the device will appear in the IP Reporter software on the computer after the miner feeds back the IP. All we require is the IP that is displayed.

5. Launch Google Chrome, type the retrieved IP address into the address bar, and press Enter.

6. It will display the username and password. If neither is provided, use root as the default username and password. (Click Login after making any necessary changes if you made them yourself.)

III. Miner upgrade

1. The firmware update can be found after going through the miners’ backstage. It’s under the system drop-down menu. To access the firmware upgrade interface, click the drop-down menu behind the system, open it, and then click Firmware Upgrade.

2. On the firmware upgrade interface, click the upload button (1), open the file selection window, locate the prepared firmware path (2), choose the relevant firmware (3), and then click Open (4).

3. After opening the chosen firmware, the name will be visible in the window hiding the firmware file. Click to upgrade the firmware once you have verified that it is accurate.

4. After clicking to upgrade the firmware, the miner will prompt “Firmware upgrade, please wait.” The miner will restart and update its firmware at this point, which will take about a minute.

5. The miner will automatically restart and refresh this page after updating the firmware. The mine has finished the mine upgrade at this time. The miner has now finished the upgrade. It is necessary to verify that the miner’s firmware version matches the upgraded firmware version after the upgrade is complete. The upgrade is effective if they are constant.

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What is Firmware?

Let’s define firmware first.

Firmware is a category of software that users of hardware devices can occasionally update. A wide variety of electronic products, including hard drives, computer keyboards, calculators, industrial robots, and remote controls, can use the technology known as firmware.

Now that you know what firmware is, let’s talk about why it needs to be updated.

Why Do We Need to Update the Firmware?

We are all aware that science and technology are constantly being improved through iteration, and firmware is no exception. The mining device can have some features added and become more efficient with the help of a firmware update.

Mining operations may use less electricity as a result of these firmware updates.

The miner’s processing power may also be increased by some firmware updates. By updating the firmware, it is possible to give the same machine more processing power. This kind of firmware can boost miners’ mining profits.

Additionally, firmware is available to improve high-temperature protection, restart, and other processes. for miners. The use of such firmware can increase the miner’s dependability and stability.

Although the firmware is good, not all firmware updates can be finished quickly. Without regard to the source, miners downloaded and updated the machine’s firmware as soon as they realized a particular firmware could significantly boost computing power. As a result, the device runs erratically and might even cause contamination of the mining device and computing power theft. This means that you should only ever use the official firmware that came with the mining machine.

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