Dogecoin Becomes New Twitter Logo? DOGE Rises 18% Amid Confusion


As the business may have a new logo, Twitter has been taken over by the Shiba Inu that stands in for the cryptocurrency Dogecoin (DOGE). Multiple users reported that the Shiba Inu, the popular Japanese pet, substituted the “bluebird” as the default loading image and main logo, as seen in the image below.

Dogecoin Becomes New Twitter Logo? DOGE Rises 18% Amid Confusion

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Speculation about the new Dogecoin Twitter logo has been going on in social media. Many believe this could be part of a poorly implemented late “April’s fool” joke. A pseudonym user said:

Doge is suddenly appearing on Twitter for no apparent reason, and I can only assume that this was an April Fool’s joke that took three days to spread because nobody anymore knows how the site functions (…). Retweets may now also be broken, too. Evidently, they don’t display as retweets correctly? probably broke that to implement the stupid dog icon, i don’t know anymore.

Dogecoin Traders Chase Speculation

Dogecoin has experienced a 20% increase during today’s trading session, according to data from market watcher CoinGecko. Money poured into DOGE, pushing its price above the crucial resistance level at $0.097, while the rest of the market is moving sideways.

Dogecoin Becomes New Twitter Logo? DOGE Rises 18% Amid Confusion

Trades on DOGE and its potential to trend beyond everyone’s expectations have been made even before Elon Musk purchased Twitter. More cryptocurrency integration was something Musk promised after taking over as CEO of the social media.

As a result, DOGE serving as the new Twitter logo may be a part of a larger plan to highlight the social media platform’s crypto capabilities by elevating the king of memes. At least some market players are placing a wager on more momentum.

Wtf is elon doing

— Tree of Alpha (@Tree_of_Alpha) April 3, 2023

A pseudonym trader that keeps track of DOGE’s price action, stated the following on DOGE’s potential to continue its current trend:

May re-enter if Elon or Twitter’s official accounts publicly express their support for it (potential implementations). Tracking those two and keeping an eye out for anything Doge-related should be your next move.

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