Antminer L7 Water Cooling Plate Kit

Control Board for Bitmain Antminer L7 (7007 Version) #2

The water plate was developed for Antminer L7 9500M 9050M 8800M(Please note in the order for the machine model number).


Antminer L7 Water Cooling Plate Aluminum Integrated Radiator

The heat dissipation capabilities of the Antminer L7 are improved by the aluminum that is welded to the water-cooling plate. It can help miners increase mining efficiency and lower hash plate temperature. The product is highly reliable and simple to manage and maintain. The main principle of a water-cooled radiator is to use a pump to force the liquid to circulate in order to remove heat from a hash plate. The hash plate will not instantly burn out in an emergency because of its low noise and low temperature characteristics. Users who mine at home have fantastic mining experiences.

Six water cooling plates, three of which are water cooling plates, make up the system. The force plate for calculation is clamped between two boards during installation. So that the heat dissipation effect is improved, it has two sides of the water cold plate and the calculating force plate.
Equipped with thickened hose with 6mm inner diameter to prevent pipe rupture due to high liquid temperature during system use.

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