How to Make Bitmain Antminer L7 Quieter – 8 Practical Ways

How to Make Bitmain Antminer L7 Quieter - 8 Practical Ways

This article will outline several doable strategies for minimizing Bitmain Antminer L7 noise.

ASIC miner noise has a negative impact on families, neighbors, and even physical and mental health in addition to disrupting sleep. The GPU miner makes a reasonable amount of noise. More than 80 decibels can be heard when an ASIC miner is operating. The Bitmain Antminer L7 uses a 120mm cooling fan with a maximum speed of over 6000 RPM to dissipate heat. A lot of noise is generated by the fan blades rapidly cutting the air. It might occasionally sound like a jet engine. Can L7’s noise be diminished in any way? To find the answers, keep reading the article.

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Ways to Reduce the Sound of Bitmain Antminer L7

More than 95 decibels of noise can be heard when the surrounding temperature is higher than 25 degrees. When the door to the room is closed, the Bitmain Antminer L7‘s noise can be heard clearly and unobstructed from a distance of 300 meters away, and it can also be heard by neighbors. A huge number of miners used their superhuman intelligence to produce various noise reduction equipment in order to lessen the noise of miner rigs. The following are more typical noise reduction schemes:

Straight-through Noise Reduction Box

The straight-through noise reduction box is the earliest noise reduction scheme, intuitive and straightforward, and can reduce the noise by more than 20 decibels. It significantly lowers noise levels by using an air duct to direct hot air from the miner away from its source. Depending on the user’s preferences and budget, the box may be made of various materials, including plastic or aluminum. While ensuring that all components are excellent and that unhindered airflow is maintained, the straight-through design makes installation and maintenance simple and only requires a few tools. Your mining equipment will perform better and last longer as a result, which makes it a sensible choice for any mining setup.

Advantages: simple structure, simple production process;
Disadvantages: The miner’s control board is prone to overheating in a confined space, and there are issues with the size of the area and the fire safety factor.

Here is the video from YouTube shows how to DIY a soundproof noise reduction box:

Labyrinth Noise Reduction Box

How to Make Bitmain Antminer L7 Quieter - 8 Practical Ways

The labyrinth-shaped noise reduction box, which is the most effective at reducing noise of all the methods, requires several turns before the sound can be heard. It features a labyrinth-like pattern of walls and grooves, which creates turbulence in the air, breaking down sound waves and reducing overall noise levels. These boxes are made of metal or sound-dampening materials, further reducing sound emissions. The design ensures optimal airflow without restrictions, preventing overheating. Labyrinth boxes can be customized to different shapes and sizes, making them suitable for various miner models and offering maximum noise reduction and temperature control. The miner can therefore be put to sleep in the bedroom. However, it is difficult and expensive to produce, weighs more than 80 kilograms, and has a larger surface area than 1 square.

Advantages: good mute effect
Disadvantages: the size of the area, the lack of fire safety, the high cost, and the miners’ high body temperatures

Water-cooled, Oil-cooled Noise Reducer

How to Make Bitmain Antminer L7 Quieter - 8 Practical Ways

The fundamental idea behind this system is that heat produced by hash board chips flows in a fixed pipe using water or oil as a heat carrier. However, the use of oil- and water-cooled noise reduction strategies is not very common. The water and oil heat carriers still require air-cooled fan heating because of the law of conservation of energy. Depending on the miner’s power, a different amount of air-cooled exhaust is required. More than 12 fans with a speed of 3000 rpm are typically required for miners more powerful than 1000W.

Advantages: The air-cooled exhaust can be placed outdoors to isolate noise
Disadvantages: Complex production, voiding of the miner’s warranty, high cost, and air-cooled heat dissipatio

Wind Tunnel Noise Reducer

The wind tunnel noise reducer has an easy-to-understand structure. In order to keep the main board operational, a fan speed simulator is used. After that, a negative pressure fan with an air volume of more than 650 square meters can be connected. The wind tunnel design has a small footprint and a sizable noise reduction effect. This technique is suitable for both home and professional setups, allowing customization to meet specific requirements while ensuring maximum noise reduction. Wind tunnel technology provides temperature control benefits, dispersing heat across a wider area without the need for additional fans or excessive power consumption. For miners greater than 1600W, only one wind tunnel can be used. For the Antminer L7, it needs a large-size wind tunnel because the double wind tunnel pushes the wind.

Advantages: easy installation, noticeable noise reduction effect, no damage to the miner’s warranty, low temperature of the miner, stable work
Disadvantages: Can’t be used with miners that are more powerful than 1600W

Immersion Type Water Cooling, Oil Cooling

The Future of Immersion Cooling and Its Impact on the Data Center - Data  Centers Today | Vantage Data Centers

Heat the miner by submerging it in water or oil and using a circulating fan. The result is ideal, and the production challenge is minimal. The consequences could be disastrous because of the high fire pressure associated with immersion oil cooling. There is no fire risk with immersion-type water cooling. A deionizer is necessary to continuously remove ions from the water in order to keep it non-conductive, but the equipment requirements are still quite high.

Advantages: good noise reduction effect, does not destroy the warranty
Disadvantages: Water cooling is more expensive and has a higher risk of fire prevention with oil cooling

ANC Active Noise Canceller

In terms of reducing noise for miners, ANC active noise reduction technology is a bit excessive. The idea behind this is to surround the miners with 16 microphones to capture any noise they make. In order to remove the noise, single-chip computer filtering calculates the waveform opposite the noise. The ANC active noise reducer currently has more serious drawbacks. There must be more than 1.5 meters between each device. They’ll interfere with one another if they don’t. The complexity of 16-channel energy conversion, calculation, and acquisition has surpassed all expectations. This technique requires less power and additional components, making it ideal for miners in hot climates who seek efficient and quiet mining operations.

Advantages: noticeable noise reduction effect
Disadvantages: Large area and high cost are drawbacks

Miner Mute Machine

Miner mute machine

The high pitch produced by the cooling fan blades’ fast rotation is the most bothersome aspect of the home environment. The air needed to keep the processor cool while minimizing noise is provided by the cargo volume. This product is appropriate for urban cryptocurrency mining. This product, which has a high heat dissipation efficiency and is quiet, only requires the removal of the miner’s original fan.

The miners’ lack of noise effectively prevents large fans like the Antminer from operating.

Antminer Silencer

The Antminer Silencer uses only pure copper wire, which has a number of benefits including high wind pressure, low noise, small size, large air volume (150 watts), quietness, and durability. There are three speeds: high, medium, and low. High speed is the most common. If you’re connecting, please look at the motor. Please don’t disconnect it because doing so will burn out the motor. This integrated machine is completely cordless. The adjustable suction interface is appropriate for the majority of T17 series, Innosilicon series, Avalon 1066, and other integrated miners; input voltage: 220V; motor power consumption: 150W.

Wide application range, low noise, and large air volume are benefits.

ASIC Hosting Serves

If you’re not familiar with how to reduce the noise of your Antminer L7 or you just don’t want to spend a lot of time on this, opting for a hosting service can be a convenient and practical solution. Antminer hosting services typically have the expertise and infrastructure to handle the noise reduction and maintenance aspects of mining equipment.

When choosing an Antminer hosting service, consider factors such as their reputation, reliability, security measures, pricing models, and customer support. Research different providers, read reviews, and compare offerings to find the one that best suits your needs.

By opting for hosting, you can focus on mining and leave the noise reduction and maintenance tasks to professionals who specialize in managing mining equipment.

What Causes Mine Noise?

Bitcoin mining uses computers to perform complex mathematical equations to earn more coins. Additionally, as is common knowledge, computers require fans to keep cool.

A bitcoin mining facility has thousands of computers, which also means thousands of fans that are constantly spinning.

“I get four hours of sleep, maybe, because of that constant noise,” says A resident of Niagara Falls named Elizabeth Lundy lives about two blocks away from the US Bitcoin facility.

“Even with the storm windows closed, I can hear the noise.”

The commotion is audible clearly from Elizabeth’s front porch. As you approach the plant on Buffalo Avenue, the noise only increases.

A second local who lives more than 1.5 km from the plant says the noise is similar to a 747 jet. Once, he could hear the sound of Niagara Falls – over 3km away – from his back garden, but now it’s just the whirring sound of the Bitcoin plant.

Conclusion: Ways to Reduce the Noise of Bitmain Antminer L7

Even though the Bitmain Antminer L7 will make you a lot of money, it’s almost intolerably noisy when it’s operating, especially if you’re mining at home or at the office. By implementing the strategies mentioned above, you can significantly reduce the noise level without compromising the mining performance.

In this article, we presented eight techniques for lowering Bitmain Antminer L7 noise. With these steps, you can enjoy a quieter mining experience while maximizing the efficiency of your Antminer L7. Happy mining!


What is Antminer L7?

Features. Bitmain Antminer L7 is a New improved Bitcoin Mining Hardware with Generic AntMiner Power on wall @25°C, Watt, Hash Rate 9500MH/s. L7 requires a power supply with a 220V input voltage. The strongest bitcoin miner currently available is the Antminer L7, which is far superior to other BTC mining equipment.

What is the Noise Level of Bitmain Antminer L7?

ReleaseNovember 2021
Size195 x 290 x 370mm
Noise level75db
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