How to Install Hiveon Antminer L7 Firmware

How to Install Hiveon Antminer L7 Firmware

Here is a step-by-step guide for quick Hiveon Antminer L7 firmware installation. Hiveon ASIC firmware for Antminer L7 is available in a file that you can download and install depending on the control board version.

Important Notes

  • Antminer L7 firmware setup and configuration are not available through the Hive OS mobile application (view only).
  • For the initial firmware installation, you should use the microSD file.
  • If you face troubles with the ASIC miner start or receive error statuses, please get in touch with our support team via [email protected] and provide a link for a particular worker.


An SD card of up to 32 GB is required.

Installation Steps

1. Download the archive with the L7 firmware file:

SD card file: 

2. Format an SD card to FAT32 with MBR (Master Boot Record) partition scheme.

3. Unzip the downloaded file and copy its content to the MicroSD card. There are files in the root folder. Fill them, and ASIC will connect to Hiveon OS after flashing:

  • FARM_HASH—in this file, insert FARM_HASH from the farm settings
  • HIVE_HOST_URL—insert the API server, if it is essential to replace it. If the file is empty, the standard server is used (

Next, turn off your ASIC and perform the following actions:

1. Insert the SD into the control board’s slot.

2. Turn on your ASIC.

3. Wait for the autotuning to be done.

Allow your ASICs to undergo the autotuning process, which might take up to 2 hours. Refrain from interfering and keep the devices powered on to ensure a successful error-free operation.

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